En-Eco established specific operational offers and procedures according to different market segments.
Medium/small systems
Systems for smalI and medium companies and for condos with a power range between 20kW and 100kW.
Medium/big systems
Systems for big industries and for great coverages with a power higher than 100kW.
PV systems which include asbestos removal and disposal
The systems which include asbestos removal and disposaI represent one of En-eco’s specializations. The advantages for the customer are the following: asbestos disposal, new industrial coverage with revaluation of the property, reduction of the electrical consumption and costs, production of clean energy, but above all a safe and unpolluted workstation.
Design and implementation of PV systems
En-eco specializes in the implementation of systems on industrial coverages and it is the ideal partner for those who need to remove their industrial coverage and replace it with a new integrated PV roof.
Authorizations, connection and financial support procedures
En-eco releases the Customer from any bureaucracy issues prior, during and after the system implementation. Providing an exhaustive service, not only does En-eco directly deals with the design and implementation of the system, but it also ensures compliance with the correct authorization procedures in order to obtain the relevant benefits from G.S.E. (Energy Services Manager).
In addition, thanks to specific banking and financial conventions, En-eco supports the Customer as far as concerns the choice of the most suitable product for the funding of the project.

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